Board of directors

Mr. Nayel Rashed Saif Al Shamsi
Nayel & Bin Harmal Group is one of the leading business groups in the region, with a wide diversity of business activities mainly in the UAE, but also spanning the GCC, Europe and Africa. Under Mr. Al Shamsi’s leadership, the Group has diversified its activities over the years, and today cover Drilling and General Construction, Infrastructure and Contracting, Manufacturing and Production, Education, Healthcare (Hospitals), Real Estate and more recently Shopping Malls, Hospitality Management and Properties under the Nayel & Bin Harmal Investment Company.
Mr. Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri
As co-chairman of the Group, Al Dhaheri has helped Nayel & Bin Harmal Group to maintain its leading position in the region, and well as internationally. Al Dhaheri has been instrumental in driving the growth of the Group over the years, and expansion into areas like Shopping Malls, Hospitality Management and Properties under the Nayel & Bin Harmal Investment Company
Bashar Tamimi
Managing Director
The key words that describe Nayel & Bin Harmal Investment Co. LLC are quality of service, integrity and reliability. Mr. Tamimi shares the group’s passion for delivering the desired results and adhering to the corporate values of excellence and leadership, and giving all clients equal treatment, irrespective of their volume of business. He believes that if we fail to plan, we are planning to fail. So, before entering any business, the planning team goes into due diligence studies of the new venture. Bashar selects his team with great care to ensure that each employee reflects the group’s corporate values and business culture. He ensures that the teams are well trained and share the group’s pursuit of excellence. Mr. Tamimi builds customer service teams that are friendly, professional and punctual as well as highly motivated and dedicated to delivering the best results. Equally, he directs top management to have technical support team that are staffed with dedicated technicians and experienced employees.