Avocado @Sky5 - Ayla Grand

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Enjoy our special Avocado menu at Sky5 Café

Avocado Hummus Bil Laham - AED 39

Chickpeas, tahini & avocado minced with warm arabic spiced lamb cubes

Avocado & Shrimp Teaser - AED 44

Fried Avocado on jalapeno cheese sauce & sriracha mayo tossed fried shrimp

Avocado Chicken & Black Bean Quesedilla - AED 48

Avocado cubes, black beans, chicken fajitas, cherry tomato,mozzarella, monterey jack cheese, jalapeno chilli. Served with pickled Cucumber, tomato salsa and sour cream             

Avocado Mint Smoothie - AED 28           

Avocado Pineapple Smoothie - AED 28                                      

* Prices are in UAE Dirham & inclusive of all applicable service charge, local fees & taxes


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